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Everyone’s Struggle

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Episode Number: 287   
Season Num: 12   
First Aired: Thursday July 24, 2008   
Prod Code: NS067
Originally aired: Thursday July 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network

As Konoha’s shinobi continue to deal with the zombies, Sora finds it hard to believe that Furido’s desire is to wipe out everyone in the village, even those uninvolved. It is a huge sacrifice to reunite the Fire Country and by removing the pawns of the village, the legacy of the king (Hokage) cannot continue. Everyone must die. Once everything is in place, Furiido and the others, along with Sora, will leave.

While the battle rages on, Shikamaru requests that he be allowed to join the battle. Standing around in the Hokage’s office while coming up with a plan won’t get him anywhere, so the battlefield will give him a better lead.

Breaking her promise not to kill Naruto, Fuuka uses Raiton: Hiraishin (Lightning Style, Flying Thunder God) to channel electricity through both of their bodies. Naruto loses his grip and falls, but summons enough Kage Bunshins to regain his footing.

Yamato continues his bout with Fudo while Sakura falls prey to Fuen’s technique: thousands of moths buzz around her, but Sakura snaps back to reality when Naruto wakes her up…and then begins chasing her with a kunai and killing intent.

Not willing to let the villagers suffer, Sora pulls his claw on Furido, but Furido responds by knocking Sora from the limb and begins beating him with his staff. He calls him weak and compares him with his father.

Fuen releases the genjutsu and walks up to a lifeless Sakura. The kunai hits dead on…and connects with a log. Sakura appears from behind and punches Fuen through several trees. She realized the similarities between the poisonous moths and poisonous spider from before and created an antidote if the occasion came again. That way, she couldn’t lose.

Sakura ends her fight with one well concentrated punch.

Elsewhere, the zombie situation doesn’t become easier after Shikamaru arrives. The barrier surrounding the village disappears, but the zombies do not stop coming, so it’s time to go all out.

Fuuka uses Doton: Doro Houshi (Earth Style, Mud Indulgence) and blends it with Suiton: Ja no Kuchi (Water Style, Evil Mouth) to form a mudslide.

Yamato wraps his battle with Suiton: Hahonryuu (Water Style, Rapid Torrents) to make the ground muddy enough for an earth user like Fudo to sink. He joins Konoha’s earth when Yamato ends his life through Mokuton: Jubaku Eisou (Wood Style, Binding Nest).

Even though Konoha’s forces begin to up the ante, it doesn’t explain why the zombies begin vanishing one after another…by themselves

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