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Time of Awakening

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Episode Number: 288   
Season Num: 12   
First Aired: Thursday July 31, 2008   
Prod Code: NS068

With Fudo and Fuen dead, the zombies start to disappear. Sora’s secret is revealed and he stands dazed as he watches his friends fight. Naruto still continues his fight with Fuka, and is just in time to witness, alongside Asuma and Furiido, what Sora’s secret really is.

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Everyone’s Struggle

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Episode Number: 287   
Season Num: 12   
First Aired: Thursday July 24, 2008   
Prod Code: NS067
Originally aired: Thursday July 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network

As Konoha’s shinobi continue to deal with the zombies, Sora finds it hard to believe that Furido’s desire is to wipe out everyone in the village, even those uninvolved. It is a huge sacrifice to reunite the Fire Country and by removing the pawns of the village, the legacy of the king (Hokage) cannot continue. Everyone must die. Once everything is in place, Furiido and the others, along with Sora, will leave.

While the battle rages on, Shikamaru requests that he be allowed to join the battle. Standing around in the Hokage’s office while coming up with a plan won’t get him anywhere, so the battlefield will give him a better lead.

Breaking her promise not to kill Naruto, Fuuka uses Raiton: Hiraishin (Lightning Style, Flying Thunder God) to channel electricity through both of their bodies. Naruto loses his grip and falls, but summons enough Kage Bunshins to regain his footing.

Yamato continues his bout with Fudo while Sakura falls prey to Fuen’s technique: thousands of moths buzz around her, but Sakura snaps back to reality when Naruto wakes her up…and then begins chasing her with a kunai and killing intent.

Not willing to let the villagers suffer, Sora pulls his claw on Furido, but Furido responds by knocking Sora from the limb and begins beating him with his staff. He calls him weak and compares him with his father.

Fuen releases the genjutsu and walks up to a lifeless Sakura. The kunai hits dead on…and connects with a log. Sakura appears from behind and punches Fuen through several trees. She realized the similarities between the poisonous moths and poisonous spider from before and created an antidote if the occasion came again. That way, she couldn’t lose.

Sakura ends her fight with one well concentrated punch.

Elsewhere, the zombie situation doesn’t become easier after Shikamaru arrives. The barrier surrounding the village disappears, but the zombies do not stop coming, so it’s time to go all out.

Fuuka uses Doton: Doro Houshi (Earth Style, Mud Indulgence) and blends it with Suiton: Ja no Kuchi (Water Style, Evil Mouth) to form a mudslide.

Yamato wraps his battle with Suiton: Hahonryuu (Water Style, Rapid Torrents) to make the ground muddy enough for an earth user like Fudo to sink. He joins Konoha’s earth when Yamato ends his life through Mokuton: Jubaku Eisou (Wood Style, Binding Nest).

Even though Konoha’s forces begin to up the ante, it doesn’t explain why the zombies begin vanishing one after another…by themselves

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Naruto Episode Not 200 Kakashi Gaiden

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Naruto: “The Treasure Hunt Is On!” Review

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We’re back with another episode of Naruto, the one anime lately that can air a really bad episode and then come back with a decent one. That seems to be what most of the episodes have been — either really bad or somewhat mediocre. This episode isn’t anything spectacular either, but it does work as a comeback from what we got last episode.

It’s apparently been some time since Naruto had to baby-sit the rich snot-nosed kid from last episode, because when the show starts Naruto is complaining about how hasn’t received any missions for a while (you would think with some of the missions he’s been getting lately that he’d be happy about this though). Naruto finally gets a mission that sees him paired up with Hinata and Kiba.

Tsunade informs them that if they don’t pass this mission that they will be sent back to the ninja academy due to how low the team’s success rate is. It’s nice to see that past filler episodes are mentioned in the show and that they at least have some kind of impact on future episodes now and then. I mentioned in a previous review that Naruto had failed quite a few of his missions lately, so it was also nice to see that also mentioned.

The mission itself seemed easy. All the team had to do was go on a treasure hunt and find hidden treasure. Working together to get to the cave seems to be a hard task. Naruto and Kiba argue about which paths to take and then Naruto and Hinata go their way up and Kiba goes his way. Naruto’s stubbornness ends up making his trek a lot harder than Kiba’s. It’s sad that this team has the worst success rate, because they have the most chemistry out of all the teams Naruto has been on. Some of the teams Naruto has been on have been very uncharismatic with each other, but it’s always a fun watch to see Naruto get put in a group that’s fun to watch.

The team’s path takes them to a cave that fits the description of the one that they’re looking for and while Naruto thinks it’s the right one, Kiba has his doubts. Kiba’s doubts are confirmed when they’re attacked. When Naruto awakens he finds himself in a cave with two Hinatas. Naruto’s plan to ask Hinata questions that only one would know was a good idea, and if he would have asked maybe a better question, he probably could have found out which one was the real one. The whole question asking seemed a bit insignificant anyway, because finding out which one was the real one wouldn’t have helped him get out of his situation any faster.

The other Hinata isn’t just a shadow clone, but is from a clan whose jutsu is about copying faces. Naruto and Hinata’s face are copied and the clones are used capture Kiba and his face also. Stealing faces always seems sick even when compared to violence we’ve seen on the show before. It doesn’t seem like this clan’s copying jutsu can emulate the moves or jutsu that the victims know though. There’s really not a clear plan either about what they exactly plan to do when the clones go back to town, their explanation was that “they were going to mess stuff up;” not the words of someone who plans on destroying the village.

In a scene in the leaf village, Tsunade tells Shizune that this mission isn’t as easy as the team thinks. Did Tsunade know that the person who hired the team were face snatchers or is this just a vague assumption? Knowing Tsunade it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she just testing the team. Another thing that was touched on in this episode was Jiraiya’s departure. He’s been gone for a long time when he’s supposed to be training Naruto. We don’t expect him to come back anytime soon, but at least it was pointed out also.

Compared to last episode it was definitely better and overall it wasn’t that bad of an episode. Definitely could have been better, but I think at this point we’ve given up on asking for anything too great. Maybe next episode we’ll get a better point of view of exactly what this clan plans to do to the village and it should be interesting to see how the team can get themselves out of this mess and complete this mission.

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Naruto: “Encounter! The Boy with a Star’s Name” Review

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The beginning of this episode starts us off with an awesome scene of a star falling towards a village. The falling star scene was great looking and it somewhat set the tone that this episode would be good. We’ve been tricked before with interesting beginnings that turn into horrible episodes at the drop of a dime. Fortunately for us this episode turns out to be a very interesting episode to introduce this arc.

After the awesome falling star scene, we’re taken to Tsunade’s office where she receives a mission from the hidden Star Village. While Tsunade doesn’t say exactly why this is an important mission, Sakura leads us to believe that it has something to do with a sacred star that foreign ninja have been trying to get their hands on. Naruto hears this story and thinks that it might be a possible mission that Orochimaru might be involved with. Originally Tsunade sends Neji, Ten-en, and Rock Lee on the mission, but Naruto joins the mission after bribing Tsunade.

Naruto speeds ahead of the group only to find himself almost walking into a valley filled with poison mist. Naruto is saved by a ninja from the star village, but mistakenly thinks that he’s an enemy. We get a fight scene and the star ninja is quite good. The star ninja is able to manipulate his chakra to protect him and even change its shape. The chakra works like Gaara’s sand only the star ninja’s power seems to require a lot more focus, while Gaara’s sand almost had a mind on its on.

The rest of the team catches up just in time to tell Naruto that it was a star village ninja that he was fighting and that the ninja saved him from falling into poison. The star ninja introduces himself as Sumaru and right off the bat him and Naruto don’t get along. The two both are similar, both work really hard and both of them want to become the Hokage of their respective villages. While Naruto and Sumaru are away someone storms the village and steals the star. Naruto chases the ninja down and fights him, but is unable to defeat him and allows him to get away. Naruto realizes that the thief was someone from the Star village.

This episode worked well, the story was interesting and there was a nice mix of background information and action. Naruto was the main focus of this episode again, and aside from the beginning of the episode, we don’t see very much of the rest of the team. It seems like every mission Naruto and the team have, a helper, and Sumaru looks like he’ll be filling this role for the story arc. Most of the sidekicks have been somewhat useless, but Sumaru seems very helpful and is just as good of a fighter, if not better then the rest of the team.

Naruto seems to be on the right track again and hopefully the next episode will continue this trend. The episode looked great from the falling star to the last frame. If Naruto can keep up with the good episodes it looks like we have an enjoyable arc on our hands.

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Sticky: Watch Naruto TV Show Online

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Naruto TV Show, an animation series moves around Naruto Uzumaki, whose dream is to obtain the title of greatest ninja ever. However 12 years ago, an incident occurred in the small village of Konoha, when a great nine tailed demon fox attacked the village.

A tsunami occurred when the fox swung one of its great nine tails. As a result, many shin obis fell down. The battle ensured for a long time until the Fourth Hokage , the strongest Ninja in Konoha, sealed the demon within a baby in exchange of his own life. Naruto was that ill-starred boy (in which the demon fox was sealed) and as a result he is feared and detested by the adults. Naruto grew up without family and as he grows he decides to show everyone that he is a human being worthy of love and affection.

Now, a Genin Naruto is a part of a three man team which includes Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Kakashi is the instructor of the team and they all try to survive each other, face many obstacles, and make new friends. If you miss any of this mega hit show then download them here.

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