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Naruto -Under the Starry Sky Reviews

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Otherwise pretty decent episode, except once again they just had to throw a little filler material there. almost all the scenes involving sakura were filler material, and it annoys me to no end. the manga is over hundred episodes ahead, why must they try to slow things down by putting so much filler into the episodes (this didnt have that much filler in it luckily) when we just had something like almost 20 episodes of just filler material that had nothing to do with the story and was completely made up by the anime writers. this episode was clearly above the average. naruto completed his second stage of the training and tsunade started action against akatsuki, still it felt like this episode was going slow.

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Naruto: “Encounter! The Boy with a Star’s Name” Review

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The beginning of this episode starts us off with an awesome scene of a star falling towards a village. The falling star scene was great looking and it somewhat set the tone that this episode would be good. We’ve been tricked before with interesting beginnings that turn into horrible episodes at the drop of a dime. Fortunately for us this episode turns out to be a very interesting episode to introduce this arc.

After the awesome falling star scene, we’re taken to Tsunade’s office where she receives a mission from the hidden Star Village. While Tsunade doesn’t say exactly why this is an important mission, Sakura leads us to believe that it has something to do with a sacred star that foreign ninja have been trying to get their hands on. Naruto hears this story and thinks that it might be a possible mission that Orochimaru might be involved with. Originally Tsunade sends Neji, Ten-en, and Rock Lee on the mission, but Naruto joins the mission after bribing Tsunade.

Naruto speeds ahead of the group only to find himself almost walking into a valley filled with poison mist. Naruto is saved by a ninja from the star village, but mistakenly thinks that he’s an enemy. We get a fight scene and the star ninja is quite good. The star ninja is able to manipulate his chakra to protect him and even change its shape. The chakra works like Gaara’s sand only the star ninja’s power seems to require a lot more focus, while Gaara’s sand almost had a mind on its on.

The rest of the team catches up just in time to tell Naruto that it was a star village ninja that he was fighting and that the ninja saved him from falling into poison. The star ninja introduces himself as Sumaru and right off the bat him and Naruto don’t get along. The two both are similar, both work really hard and both of them want to become the Hokage of their respective villages. While Naruto and Sumaru are away someone storms the village and steals the star. Naruto chases the ninja down and fights him, but is unable to defeat him and allows him to get away. Naruto realizes that the thief was someone from the Star village.

This episode worked well, the story was interesting and there was a nice mix of background information and action. Naruto was the main focus of this episode again, and aside from the beginning of the episode, we don’t see very much of the rest of the team. It seems like every mission Naruto and the team have, a helper, and Sumaru looks like he’ll be filling this role for the story arc. Most of the sidekicks have been somewhat useless, but Sumaru seems very helpful and is just as good of a fighter, if not better then the rest of the team.

Naruto seems to be on the right track again and hopefully the next episode will continue this trend. The episode looked great from the falling star to the last frame. If Naruto can keep up with the good episodes it looks like we have an enjoyable arc on our hands.

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