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The Mastermind Behind The Outstanding Anime, Naruto!

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All that it takes, is just a couple of episodes of Naruto, to realize how utterly magnificent the show is.

Every episode, every storyline, and every character on the show, is so superbly etched, that it leaves you wondering who the mastermind behind the series is.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, you really should watch any of the episodes of Naruto online, to treat yourself to this spellbinding anime. It would not be an over-exaggeration to say that Naruto is one of the most brilliant anime series ever to have graced our television sets.

No matter how talented an artist might be, when he finishes working on any project, he is sure to be doubtful about whether it will be appreciated by those who see it.

Naruto’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto, went through a similar dilemma, when he finished the rough draft of Naruto.

He reveals that he felt that the art of the shot stank and that the art was a mess!

Talk of being over-critical on oneself!

Well, thank goodness that he did not take this self-criticism too seriously, or else we might never have gotten the opportunity of being a part of this epic tale.

Talking of the main theme that he kept in mind, while writing the series, he says that it was the acceptance of each other, as human beings, in the first part, and romance in the second one.

Kishimoto makes an unexpected revelation, as he says that the inspiration for the creation of villains on the show has never been to make them a part of the combats. Rather, it was to serve as a counterpoint for the characteristics of the protagonists.

Only a mastermind can think that way!

Kishimoto has always followed an out-of-the-box approach with this series, breaking free from the stereotypes of Japanese manga, keeping the entertainment of his audiences as the paramount concern.

No wonder, he plans to add a touch of technology in the series, with the incorporation of computers in the show.

We can’t wait to see that happen!

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Naruto: “The Treasure Hunt Is On!” Review

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We’re back with another episode of Naruto, the one anime lately that can air a really bad episode and then come back with a decent one. That seems to be what most of the episodes have been — either really bad or somewhat mediocre. This episode isn’t anything spectacular either, but it does work as a comeback from what we got last episode.

It’s apparently been some time since Naruto had to baby-sit the rich snot-nosed kid from last episode, because when the show starts Naruto is complaining about how hasn’t received any missions for a while (you would think with some of the missions he’s been getting lately that he’d be happy about this though). Naruto finally gets a mission that sees him paired up with Hinata and Kiba.

Tsunade informs them that if they don’t pass this mission that they will be sent back to the ninja academy due to how low the team’s success rate is. It’s nice to see that past filler episodes are mentioned in the show and that they at least have some kind of impact on future episodes now and then. I mentioned in a previous review that Naruto had failed quite a few of his missions lately, so it was also nice to see that also mentioned.

The mission itself seemed easy. All the team had to do was go on a treasure hunt and find hidden treasure. Working together to get to the cave seems to be a hard task. Naruto and Kiba argue about which paths to take and then Naruto and Hinata go their way up and Kiba goes his way. Naruto’s stubbornness ends up making his trek a lot harder than Kiba’s. It’s sad that this team has the worst success rate, because they have the most chemistry out of all the teams Naruto has been on. Some of the teams Naruto has been on have been very uncharismatic with each other, but it’s always a fun watch to see Naruto get put in a group that’s fun to watch.

The team’s path takes them to a cave that fits the description of the one that they’re looking for and while Naruto thinks it’s the right one, Kiba has his doubts. Kiba’s doubts are confirmed when they’re attacked. When Naruto awakens he finds himself in a cave with two Hinatas. Naruto’s plan to ask Hinata questions that only one would know was a good idea, and if he would have asked maybe a better question, he probably could have found out which one was the real one. The whole question asking seemed a bit insignificant anyway, because finding out which one was the real one wouldn’t have helped him get out of his situation any faster.

The other Hinata isn’t just a shadow clone, but is from a clan whose jutsu is about copying faces. Naruto and Hinata’s face are copied and the clones are used capture Kiba and his face also. Stealing faces always seems sick even when compared to violence we’ve seen on the show before. It doesn’t seem like this clan’s copying jutsu can emulate the moves or jutsu that the victims know though. There’s really not a clear plan either about what they exactly plan to do when the clones go back to town, their explanation was that “they were going to mess stuff up;” not the words of someone who plans on destroying the village.

In a scene in the leaf village, Tsunade tells Shizune that this mission isn’t as easy as the team thinks. Did Tsunade know that the person who hired the team were face snatchers or is this just a vague assumption? Knowing Tsunade it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she just testing the team. Another thing that was touched on in this episode was Jiraiya’s departure. He’s been gone for a long time when he’s supposed to be training Naruto. We don’t expect him to come back anytime soon, but at least it was pointed out also.

Compared to last episode it was definitely better and overall it wasn’t that bad of an episode. Definitely could have been better, but I think at this point we’ve given up on asking for anything too great. Maybe next episode we’ll get a better point of view of exactly what this clan plans to do to the village and it should be interesting to see how the team can get themselves out of this mess and complete this mission.

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