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All the Naruto
freaks keep looking for latest updates about Naruto. So I am here with a few. Well first of all, I’ll make you know about the video games based upon the Naruto original series. You must have received Rise of Ninja game for Xbox 360, which has been recently released. I hope you are enjoying it and if not then give a visit to market today. The other on is ready for the release within 2008 for the playstation 3. The game is named as Naruto: ultimate Ninja Storm. As I have heard from my sources, this game is gonna be blasting for the gaming freaks and you won’t regret buying it. To make your difficulties easier while playing, you should start watching the episodes from Naruto original series from today. So go for it now. You can download all the ninja episodes from here conveniently.

Besides this a sequel, to the Naruto original Manga series is going on. This is named as Naruto: Shippuden (Naruto-Hurricane Chronicles) and is still airing in Japan. I don’t know exactly when its English version is coming down, but let’s hope for that to come soon. I have not seen any of the episodes yet, but I am sure that it’s one step ahead of the original Naruto series. In this series Naruto comes back to old friends after training from Jiraiya and reforms the team seven. So there will be lot many new characters along with the old ones and will be filled with more adventure. All have got matured and improved in ranks and this time they will make plans for world domination.

Naruto is becoming more and more popular day by day. You will find numerous things related to Naruto in market, like novels, DVD’s of movies based upon Naruto, video games as well as every episode on our page here.

More and more people are visiting here to download the Naruto episodes and for further updates. Most of them are those who are playing it’s video games and have got stuck into any round and are looking for clues from the series. Drop your comments here to get the sequel ASAP.

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