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Naruto: “A Legend from the Hidden Leaf: The Onbaa” Review

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We catch up to Naruto as he’s walking through the forest. As he’s walking, an eagle flies above and drops an animal on his back. At first, Naruto doesn’t realize that it’s alive, until an unfriendly encounter with Sakura. Naruto comes to Tsunade’s office and she explains to him that it’s an Onbaa. Tsunade then goes on to tell the story about how Jiraiya ran into one when they were younger. It was funny to see Jiraiya’s notes on what happened told in sloppy pictures. It was also cool though to see the short flashback of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru as kids again.

The Onbaa has identified Naruto as its mother and they stay on the mother’s back until they mature. The problem with this though is that once it gets enormous and if it gets mad it can destroy an entire village. Tsunade wants to rid the village of the Onbaa, so she sends Naruto on a mission to defeat bandits harboring in another village. Naruto makes quick work of the bandits. On his way back he runs into the mother of the Onbaa he’s already carrying on his back. At this point the Onbaa on Naruto’s back is huge now, so much so that its feet were dragging on the floor when Naruto was walking.

The mother tries to hit Naruto and then manages to turn the Onbaa against Naruto himself. From the way the episode made it seem Naruto was about to get clobbered, but the Onbaa starts to remember how Naruto took care of it and manages to save Naruto and return him back to the village.

The writers must have loved animals during the time when they wrote these last two episodes, because the last episode was about Kiba protecting Akamaru and this episode had Naruto taking care of the Onbaa. I preferred the first one though I think. Naruto could have probably summoned Gama Bunta or even a rasengan to take care of the mother Onbaa, but that can be forgiven and we’ll just assume that Naruto doesn’t believe in animal cruelty.

The comedy wasn’t very funny this episode. I didn’t necessarily get why the villagers were making such a big deal about Naruto carrying an animal on his back – it just seemed really over dramatic and not funny. The funniest part of the episode was when Rock Lee ran beside Naruto with a basket on his back and said that he wouldn’t let Naruto outdo him. That was funny, because it kept right in with Rock Lee’s character and his whole trying to work harder then everybody else type of attitude.

This was another episode that could have been much worse – either that or maybe I’m just a sap for a good animal story. It was another episode where it wasn’t Naruto at its best, but was a slightly enjoyable experience. Kiba definitely had the better episode, but Naruto’s adventure with the Onbaa wasn’t so bad.

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