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Watch Full Episode “As the Kazakege”

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Naruto episodes captioned “As the Kazakege” would see the batlle continued between Deidara in his efforts of dislodging the Kazekege. However, he now realizes that defeating the Kazekage is not very easy as what he believe it would be. In an effort to win the fight, he showered Gaara with bombs at his disposal, which are exploding clays to hurt Gaara, but to no effect. Gaara simply orders his sand to cover him as a shield from the exploding clays. The exploding clay bombs of Deidara cannot penetrate the sand that covers Gaara. And then, in retaliation, Gaara orders his sand to attack Deidara. In an effort to repel the attack, Deidara tried to fight back but failed, resulting to the sand crushing Deidara’s arm. You can now watch this unfolding story below. Just click on the wide video to watch this FREE NARUTO EPISODES with the title “As the Kazakage!”

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