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Sticky: Watch Naruto TV Show Online

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Naruto TV Show, an animation series moves around Naruto Uzumaki, whose dream is to obtain the title of greatest ninja ever. However 12 years ago, an incident occurred in the small village of Konoha, when a great nine tailed demon fox attacked the village.

A tsunami occurred when the fox swung one of its great nine tails. As a result, many shin obis fell down. The battle ensured for a long time until the Fourth Hokage , the strongest Ninja in Konoha, sealed the demon within a baby in exchange of his own life. Naruto was that ill-starred boy (in which the demon fox was sealed) and as a result he is feared and detested by the adults. Naruto grew up without family and as he grows he decides to show everyone that he is a human being worthy of love and affection.

Now, a Genin Naruto is a part of a three man team which includes Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Kakashi is the instructor of the team and they all try to survive each other, face many obstacles, and make new friends. If you miss any of this mega hit show then download them here.

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